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The farm Vigna Dante was born from the dream of 2 people, husband and wife, who in the far 1986 decided to buy a small farm building and to restore it.

Both worked tirelessly and, with the help of all their family, stone by stone, they managed to make this beautiful villa, the country house of their dreams where to take their children during weekends and raise them in contact with nature.

When their children grew up, they decided to share this small property with other people and to rent it to anyone who needed to find a little corner of paradise where to relax away from the hustle of the big metropolitan cities.

Now their dream has become mine.

In 2016, with the help of the dearest people to me, I started to renovate the interiors, making them more comfortable and in line with a more modern style, but trying to keep the rusticity of a country house.

In 2017 I opened an olive-growing company thanks to the large number of olive trees that surround the house and transformed this small town house into a farm. And every year I try to offer my customers something more in order to make their holiday unforgettable.

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